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'Monkey Heaven' is an obituary detailing the innocent yet fatal story of our primate cousins who unwittingly blazed
a trail for humanity's many forays into outer space. The quest to get a man on the moon saw these monkeys propelled
into an American space program, literally on the back of V-2 rockets commandeered from a broken war machine in
Germany. Sat atop of a New World Order, these pioneering monkeys took the 'Giant leap' that 'Mankind' wasn't quite
ready for, facilitating the inherent need of science to always understand new things, while fuelling the incessant march
towards technological advancement.

'Monkey Heaven' was part of 'Nelly Duffs Zoo' at 'Pick Me Up 2012' at Somerset House. It's a combination of hand
drawn portraits, mixed with contemporary illustrations. The copy is set in Gill Sans Regular, this was a 1 colour process
printed on a lithographic proofing press, there were two foil blockings made on this print, one for the banana angel
wings and helmet detail and another for the star constellations.

Available from Nelly Duff